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Why are my microwave bags only popping halfway?

Please make sure you are not using the popcorn button on your microwave. These buttons are designed for the grocery store size bags. You will want to stand next to your microwave and let it keep popping until there are 2-3 seconds between the kernels popping. This is the perfect time for your microwave.

Make sure your microwave is on full power. If it is not on full power you will not be able to fully pop a bag.

Make sure no other items are in your microwave, like a splash guard.

Are there any harmful chemicals in the microwave bags?

No! Our bags are PFOA free and have no other chemicals.

Are there harmful chemicals in the growing process?

No, our corn is 100% NON-GMO

Can I eat the popcorn after the expiration date?

Although it would be safe, we recommend you do not eat the popcorn past its expiration date.

Why is there butter on the exterior of the bags? Why are the bags leaking?

Sometimes, when the angle is just right, some butter may spill out during the popping process. This is caused by the bag opening slightly at the top and oil spilling out. Rest assured the product is safe to eat.

Why are there black specks in the microwave kettle corn?

The black specs you may be seeing are not mold. In fact, these are burnt sugar crystals. Sometimes with Kettle Corn the sugar gets so hot that it burns, especially if you have a new or higher end microwave. This is 100% safe and not harmful.

Is your facility nut free? Are there any allergens in your facility?

We do have and process nuts in our facility. You should assume that all of our products have had a chance to be in contact with nuts.