Holiday Chocolate Drizzled Caramel 4 Pack




Limited Edition Holiday Gourmet Chocolate Caramel 4-Pack

This mix-and-match 4-pack of limited edition Farmer Jon’s flavors comes together to create a gift that is equal parts delightful and delicious. Our rich Buttery Double Toffee Crunch, festive Gingerbread Caramel with White Chocolate Drizzle and decadent Chocolate Drizzle Caramel are three handcrafted holiday treats perfectly suited for every popcorn lover! Give the gift of a 4-pack or use the to/from labels on each flavor for gifting jars individually as well.

The rich taste of old-fashioned gingerbread treats is captured in every kernel of this Gingerbread Caramel Popcorn with White Chocolate Drizzle. Farmer Jon has taken the traditional flavors of brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon and clove and combined them with warm, gooey caramel for a holiday-inspired snack that is seriously scrumptious. A white chocolate topping makes this flavor extra festive!

Our Buttery Double Toffee Crunch popcorn takes a cue from Grandma’s toffee recipe and captures the comforting, candy-like flavor of this beloved confection. With ingredients like European butter and rich molasses, each of these divine, dark chocolate-covered kernels is perfectly crunchy and deliciously sweet.

Chocolate Drizzle Caramel is sure to become an instant holiday favorite. Farmer Jon has taken his beloved, buttery caramel popcorn and generously drizzled every kernel with our velvety milk chocolate. The result is a rich, handcrafted, gourmet holiday treat perfectly suited for celebrations.

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