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We took our Farmer Jon’s Mix and added our Gourmet White popcorn. The perfect blend of sweet, salty and savory!

Caramel: Our most popular flavor. This is Farmer Jon’s Family Recipe using European Butter and the perfect brown sugar to give the finished caramel corn the prefect flavor and color. One taste and you will know why this is our most talked about flavor.

Cheese: A savory snack, our cheese popcorn is handmade in small batches so that each kernel is properly coated with Farmer Jon’s sharp cheddar cheese recipe. We use real cheese and melt it down to a liquid and slowly pour it over the kernels. A true cheese lover’s paradise.

Gourmet White: The true popcorn lover’s popcorn. This is Farmer Jon’s Favorite popped popcorn because it has the truest popcorn flavor. Only three ingredients in this popcorn: Popcorn, Oil, and Salt

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